Wednesday, 13 August 2014

Wake up sleeper! Rise from the dead, and Christ will shine on you! - Ephesians 5:14

How much of life passes us by, while we're rushing around like headless chickens, attending to the mundane but necessary admin of our day? We are a household of six, and as a stay at home mum  much of the 'admin' naturally falls on me to attend to. Six people generate a lot of washing and cleaning and cooking.  I can spend an entire day simply picking up after people and lose count of the number of times I answer a child's request to play with them with the words, "yes, in a minute."  The guilt I often feel at the end of each day when I consider the things of value I could have accomplished, had I not gotten bogged down in the laundry or the endless dishes.
Our house is a place of noise; the kids shout, I shout back, baby cries; there are umpteen disputes and inevitably somebody gets whalloped, and I'm called to the scene of the crime to adjudicate.  When the noise finally ceases at bedtime, it's usually so late that I'm too tired to revel in it.
How does someone in my position find time for God? How do I fit Him into a life where four small people already make so many demands upon my time?
The answer of course is that I don't. God isn't something or someone to be fit into anywhere; he's too big and all encompassing for that.  Fitting God in; or worse, scheduling Him into my routine, is a tiny and altogether tawdry way of viewing Him.
I think it's actually the other way round...I must fit into God's way of doing things.  I must arrange my life around God's schedule.  Exactly what that means in practice, I'm not sure, but I know it won't involve a day spent plodding through housework like an automaton; it will involve being open to the potential of each new day; alive to the possibilities available to me and mine, and most of all, fully awake to the presence of God in my life, whether I'm on my knees in prayer or up to my elbows in dirty dish water...

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